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Elf, with his pals, Beast and Demon, venture out to Vegas at least once or twice a year (depending on their bonuses, wives, girlfriends, and significant others of the moment.)

Elf is a reader above all else, and with his SO, tend to accumulate gambling eBooks, casino discount paperbacks, playbooks, casino coupons and l;as Vegas tour books with casino and gambling 2 for 1 discounts all year-round awaiting the best time to make their moves with Beast and Demon. Beast pretty much plays poker online all year until his lust for real live play overtakes him. At that point, his wife Tiny, finally pleads with him to leave her and the kids alone for a few days and maybe 'go to las Vegas' to get some sun with his pals, gamble, but "DON'T LOSE THE HOUSE!". Demon is the single today-attached tomorrow-single again member of this Terrible Threesome. A kind of guys-guy, he plays the sportsbook year round and whatever other sports wagering is legal and available.

Both Beast and Demon rely on Elf and his SO to make their Las Vegas travel plans, arrange for their Presidential Limos, get them great hotel rooms on the las Vegas strip and to marshall them to food and drink on a regular basis. They all believe the hype that 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!'
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